congratulations curious one, you've passed the first stage of the damnthattotallysoundslikeme test.
Yes, it is a test. scroll down to reveal stage two.

























keep scrolling. you're not there yet.



























































okay, stop scrolling. Now you're there. And by there, we mean: you're here — at stage two of the
damnthattotallysoundslikeme test.

Q: if colour were a colour what colour would that colour be?




continue scrolling (but not too far).




























































Q: are you sure about the colour you thought colour would be if colour were a colour?






scroll again, scroller.


























































































Q: are you really, really sure about the colour you think colour would be if colour were a colour?


okay, fine.
to progress to the next stage of the damnthattotallysoundslikeme test, please take a photo of something that colour (yes, a colour photo please not black & white) and email it to this address: damnthattotallysoundslikeme@agentsofideas.com




























stop scrolling, scroller. there is nothing else to see down here.




























no seriously, stop it. this is not part of the test. the test is over.
no more scrolling.

































we said no more scrolling. but we do very much appreciate your curiosity, you totally seem like the sort of person we're after.